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If you ask a normal human to record large sums of data, he would find it boring. Because let’s face it, it is tedious, time-consuming, and not at all interesting. But, it is considered an important task. Perhaps because it helps an organization to understand trends and make better plans for the future. This includes filling up forms, research making, and processing spreadsheets, etc. With extra resources, get this job done by professionals and invest your valuable time in crucial jobs.

Why seek expert help for a not-so-difficult job?

To begin with, you might not need help recording data every day. Why pay someone every month? Also, it is not just about salary, you must consider overhead costs associated with hiring an individual. Take into account the money you would be spending on recruiting, training, electricity, office supplies, and other numerous things. On the other hand, if you hire data entry operators with extra resources, you would be able to save overhead costs up to 80%. 

Plus, recruiting with extra resources is easy. All you have to do is fill in some information about the job requirements and we can find you the perfect match.

What gives our experts an edge?

  • Experienced Experts
  • Better communication skills
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • 0% training needs
  • Flexible data entry services
  • On-time delivery

What does our Data Entry Specialist offer?

Data Entry

Hire our experts who are well trained with offline and online data entry services.
Avoid any disruption in your business activities and get professional aid from our talented data entry service providers.

eCommerce Data Entry

One of the key aspects of eCommerce data management is data entry. Data entry services by our specialists involve adding/removing product information, categorizing product data, updating product information and data sourcing, etc.

Data Conversion

Get different forms of data converted into whichever form your company needs. Our experts are skilled at converting PDF to Word, Image to Doc, catalog conversion, XML conversion, & ebook conversion, & so on. Get your task done in no time.


Our experts can assist you in organizing business data so that it can be found as and when needed. They can index business data in a way that is easy to read and process. You can ensure useful catalog building and data indexing with our data entry services by experts.

Manage Database

Our well-versed data entry experts experts are trained in managing large sums of data and inputting it into your company’s CRM software program.
They have the skillset and knowledge required to use various CRM programs and services.

Data capture & form processing

A large amount of useful data can be gathered and recorded with our data entry expert’s services.
You can ensure precise data entries with accurate information from our well trained data entry experts.


Our Virtual Experts hold following
professional certifications

What Our Clients say!

I had recently employed the services of an app developer via Extra Resources. I was completely floored with the quality of work. After I had communicated the task to him, he started working on it right away. He took my recommendations in stride and came up with the best solution imaginable. As promised, the virtual assistant from Extra Resources exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you, Extra Resources!

Before contacting Extra Resources, I had met with a lot of software developers but was left feeling dissatisfied. Then Extra Resources came to my rescue. The virtual assistant that I had hired from Extra Resources paid great attention to each and every detail and made sure that the job was completed well within time. I am very satisfied with his work and I am looking forward to working with them in the future.

I wasn’t very sure about hiring remote employees for digital marketing but Extra Resources put an end to my inhibitions once and for all. The virtual assistant was not only an absolute professional but also incorporated all of my suggestions into his work. Hiring a virtual assistant from Extra Resources was definitely a step in the right direction for my business. Highly recommended.


Travel & Aviation

Our skilled workers can provide services according to your industry which also will help you stands out among competitors.


Our virtual resources can deliver feature-rich websites which can also help you in easy and secure online transactions.


Our experts value the unique needs of Automobile industry & deliver services according to their variant needs.


For an easy & engaging learning experience hire our versatile virtual resources & ensure easy-to-use, & highly-functional solutions.

Financial Services

You can expect secured & safe solutions from our experts. Our virtual experts understand the need for safety for a financial platform.

Real Estate

Empower your Real estate business with our dynamic virtual experts to move forward & stay ahead of the competition.

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