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Zoho Consultants

We have a panel of experienced resources for Zoho solutions. They can assist you with customization, integration, and implementation of Zoho. We have a team of experienced virtual assistants who can provide help with all Zoho Applications related operations. Want to improve your business processes? Choose bfrom a pool of experienced resources without burning a hole in your pocket.

Odoo Consultants

Our successful set of virtual employees are highly trained & certified Odoo Consultants. They can help your business with customization, integration, and implementation of Odoo solutions. They can provide assistance with all Odoo Applications related operations. Invest your time in what you do best & connect with us to help you with the rest.


Microsoft Consultants

We have a highly trained team of Virtual Assistants, who can help you stay connected wherever you are. With the help of Extra Resources certified Microsoft professionals, set up your virtual office and focus only on team building. Our virtual Microsoft consultants can help you with customization, integration and software implementation services. Always stay updated with the latest updates on Microsoft products with our best remote assistance.

Zendesk Consultants

If you are looking for a virtual employee for Zendesk customisation, integration, software implementation and training, stop by Extra Resources. We can help you with a remote consultant or a complete team of highly trained professionals for Zendesk Software. We have virtual assistants, Zendesk consultants and a team of certified professionals that can help you save your time and money through remote work and hiring. We are a trusted platform that brings in an array of all-in-one resources for all your Zendesk support services.


Salesforce Consultants

Ensure reliable customisation, integration and software deployment services with Extra Resources virtual employees. With our trained and experienced virtual Salesforce consultants, take advantage of remote consultation services. At Extra Resources, we provide a team of certified Salesforce consultants for the deployment of your business-critical solutions. We work towards empowerment of small scale and large corporations by providing quick solutions for all your Salesforce related needs.

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